Level 7
Health 1000
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Pillar Mountains
Vil default

Vilya Edit

The Bandit Leader of the Black Ferrets is a formidable opponent and will be the first boss encountered in the game. She is cheered by her two minions FreddyQuestIndicator Update2 [ Freddy ] and TeddyQuestIndicator Update2 [ Teddy ] .

Flavor Text Edit

Vilya is a terrible terrible bandit who has no idea how to use a sword, let alone rob someone. She does know how to scare her fellow bandits, though!

Vilya portrait

Abilities Edit

Charge - This ability lets Vilya close distances quickly between her and the player while also dealing damage if she is able to hit the player.

Trivia Edit

Vilya is actually a reference to Vilya Svensson who is the main inanimate graphics artist of Secrets of Grindea.