Weapons in Secrets of Grindea come in 2 classes; 1 Handed and 2 Handed. They can be further classified into Physical and Magical weapons.

2 Handed weapons attack slower but have a wider arc and knockback most small enemies.

Magical Weapons Edit

Since Frontline Version ??? magical weapons also create a projectile when swung.

1 Handed magical weapons create a small orb that travels a short distance or until it hits an enemy.

2 Handed magical weapons create a wave that travels further passing through enemies and knocking them back.

Bows Edit

Although not an equipable weapon itself there is also a useable item Wooden Bow which can be bound to a Quickslot.

Since Frontline Version ??? Bows can be upgrade by Little J for a cost as you progress through the story.

One-Handed Physical WeaponsEdit

Name Picture Flavor Text Effect Source
Wooden Sword

An old wooden sword, mostly used as a toy.

+25 Attack

Quest Road to the City

Sold by Anne


20x Stick [ Small Stick ]

Squire's Sword
A simple sword made of iron.

+35 Attack

Sold by Anne

Carrot Sword

A giant carrot, which surprisingly has a very nice swing to it.

+50 Attack

Dropped by Elder Rabby
Morning Star

It's pretty heavy, but it hits hard.

+50 Attack

-5 Atk Speed

The Stinger
1h stinger

Made of tons of bee stingers glued together with honey.

+60 Attack

Reduces Charge Time for Piercing Dash


10x Honey [ Honey ]

1x WoodenSword [ Wooden Sword ]

20xStinger-0 [ Bee Stinger ]

Steel Sword
1h steelsword

A high quality sword made from hardened steel.

+60 Attack

Sold by Anne

Bamboo Sword

Unlike most bamboo swords, this one is made from fresh ingreadients!

+70 Attack

+12 Attack Speed


1xWoodenSword [ Wooden Sword ]

50xQuestIndicator Update2 [ Bamboo ]


An agile sword with a curved blade! It's razor sharp and very light.

+75 Attack

+4 Attack Speed

Sold by Anne

Laser Sword
1h lasersword

Cuts through almost everything, but more importantly it makes an awesome buzzing sound as you swing it!

+75 Attack


1xEmittermatrix [ Emitter Matrix ]

30xCrystalcrumbs [ Crystal Crumbs ]

2xCrystal [ Crystal ]

Red Laser Sword

A red laser sword! It makes a really cool noise when you swing it.

+85 attack


1xRedEmitterMatrix [ Red Emitter Matrix ]

50xCrystalcrumbs [ Crystal Crumbs ]

2x Crystal [ Crystal ]

One-Handed Magical WeaponsEdit

Name Picture Flavor Text Effect Source
Toy Wand
Toy wand

It's not actually magical, but pretending it is somehow raises your focus!

+12 Attack

+17 Magic Attack

Chest in Pillar Mountains

Apprentice Rod

A short rod that makes you feel all wizard-like! Slamming it into things isn't that effective though.

+15 Attack

+25 Magic Attack

Ruby Rod
1h rodruby

A rod with precious ruby crystal at the end! Ruby is said to channel magic exceptionally well.

+25 Attack

+40 Magic Attack

Magician's Rod
Magician's Rod

A short rod that makes you feel all wizard-like! Slamming it into things isn't that effective though.

+25 Attack

+40 Magic Attack

Sold by Anne

Flower Whip

A big, sturdy flower just brimming with magical power! It inspired your Plants, making them last longer.

+20 Attack

+55 Magic Attack

Extends duration of plants

Two-Handed Physical WeaponsEdit

Name Picture Flavor Text Effect Source
Big Branch

Just a large branch, hand picked by Grandpa Joe for its good swing.

+35 Attack

Given by Grandpa Joe

Sold by Anne

Squire's Claymore

Its not the greatest sword ever forged, but at least its not wood.

+45 Attack

2h club

It may seem old fashioned, but a club is actually really good at smacking things!

+55 Attack

Sold by Anne

Green Slime Hammer
2h slimehammer

A wobbly weapon made out of a high quality slime cube! As you learned in the Arena, it really packs a punch...

+60 Attack


1xSlime Cube [ Slime Cube ]

30xStickyMucus [ Green Goo ]

1xPinne [ Big Branch ]

2h lantern

A weapon created by cleverly attaching a lantern at the end of a big branch.

+70 Attack


1xPinne [ Big Branch ]

20xLantern [ Lantern ]

10xHay [ Hay ]

Lumber Axe
2h lumberaxe

A large axe that's great for chopping up wood. Turns out it's pretty decent at chopping most things!

+90 Attack

Spiked Club
2h clubspiked
Greate Axe
2h greataxe
Giant Icicle
Giant Icicle

A giant icicle. Don't lick it - your tongue might get stuck! Has a chance to chill enemies it hits.

+50 Magic Attack

+20 Attack

Has a chance to chill your enemies.


60xIstapp [ Icicle ]

Toy Axe

A Toy Axe found in the Tai Ming Puzzle World Hey... wait a minute. This isn't a toy at all!

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+90 Attack

+10 Attack Speed

Angel's Thirst
Angels Thirst

A heavy blade that sharpens with each card collected.

The base attack of the weapon is 5, with +3 for every card you've got! With all cards it's the second highest DMG weapon in the game.

Summer's Smite
Summer's Smite

A large hammer wielded by the Summer Knights in the Temple of Seasons. It's so heavy!

+100 Attack

-20 Attack Speed

Dropped by Summer Knight

Blade of Echoes
Blade of Echoes

A memory of murder given shape by a curse. It's a powerful weapon, but...

+145 Attack

Special Effect - A shadowy figure will take revenge for the fallen....


1xQuestIndicator Update2 [ Broadsword ]

10xQuestIndicator Update2 [ Sword Piece ]

Two-Handed Magical WeaponsEdit

Name Picture Flavor Text Effect Source
Apprentice Staff

A magic staff suitable for beginners! It's made from a cheap, light wood making it easy to swing.

+20 Attack

+27 Magic Attack

+10 Attack Speed

Sold by Anne

Winter's Bite

A large spear wielded by Winter Knights! It's surprisingly light, and brims with magic.

+60 Attack

+40 Magic Attack

Dropped by Winter Knight

Birch Branch

A big, nice branch from a blessed birch! Don't judge it by its looks - it contains strong magic.

+50 Attack

+30 Magic Attack

Sold by Anne

Magic Mushroom

A huge, unwieldy mushroom! Swinging it around makes you feel fuzzy and spirtual.

+68 Magic Attack

+5 Attack


Name Picture Flavor Text Effect Source
Wooden Bow
A Bow Made out of

Wood! How original!

Given by Robin
Composite Bow Made from a variety of materials, this bow is a clear upgrade compared to a regula bow! Upgraded by Little J for 1500g
Winterwood Bow A powerful bow made of a special kind of wood. If charges, its arrows can pierce multiple enemies! Upgraded by Little J for 5000g
Arrow Quiver
Given to you as a reward for

dominating Robin´s archery game!

Arrows +5 Get a score of 10000+

in the archery game