Whirlslash skill is a two-handed weapon skill that spins the character in a circle, hitting all surrounding enemies. As the skill is upgraded, the damage and knockback dealt increases, as well as the number of hits. At full charge, the user is able to move while spinning and the attack becomes shield cancelable.


Charge Description Level Required Damage Mana Required (EP)
None Spin your blade in a full circle, damaging any enemies that are in your way. Has decent knockback. 0 ? 30
Charge bronze
The attack deals more damage and knocks back further. 1 ? 35
Charge silver
Spin the sword twice, with the second blow dealing most damage and all knockback. 5 ? 40
Charge gold

Spin the sword three times, while having the ability to move at full speed! The final blow deals extra damage and have all the knockback.

10 ? 45