Fae Elder Winter: Edit

Level  ??
Health  ????
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Temple of Seasons
QuestIndicator Update2

Winter is the boss of the Temple of Seasons. He was corrupted by The Artifact and began a campaign of ending the cycle of seasons by forcing an eternal winter. He is encountered in The Hall of Seasons in the Temple of Seasons.

Abilities: Edit

He uses a variety of ice attacks to kill the player, which include ice spikes that travel away from him, snow fists, and winds that harm the player if stood in.

Teleport: Edit

Winter will teleport around the arena constantly. He will even use this ability in conjunction with some of his attacks to get a better effect. For example, constantly teleporting using Icicle Spikes to trap the player in one area then using Snow fist for a near guaranteed hit.

Snow Fist: Edit

Winter will call an orb of winter and launch it to where the player is standing. When the orb strikes the ground a large fist made from snow forms and rises up in an effort to uppercut the player.

Icicle Spikes: Edit

Winter slams the ground and forms a ring of icicle spike around himself. After a one second delay, some of the spikes will form in straight lines outwards until they hit a wall; effectively restricting the player's movement room.

Icicle Barrier: Edit

Winter charges up a large quantity of energy before slamming on the ground. This forms rings of icicle spikes going away from where Winter slammed down. The rings grow more spaced out the further they are from Winter's position. Each ring has a section missing to allow the player to reach Winter.

Icy Wind: Edit

Winter designates a direction in which the wind will blow, horizontally or vertically. The wind channel take up about 1/3 of the arena so dodging is a must. There will be a slight blowing animation at the edge of the arena to show where the wind will blow from. After a 2 second delay, the wind stream will blow for a short period before dying down. If the player is caught in the wind, they will take constant repeated damage and be slowed until they leave the wind.


As Winter's health decreases, he will stop using single attacks against the player. He will start to combine his abilities together, making it far more difficult to dodge and attack him.

Special: Endless Winter: Edit

Winter summons a gargantuan arctic wind to deal damage to the player. This reduces the player's HP to 1 and freezes them solid. This attack is unavoidable. Luckily Naniva is there to rescue the player.