Wisp card
When blocked by your shield, projectiles deal 20% less damage

The Wisp is a small, fast harass unit that fires homing projectiles at players. Trying to fight tougher enemies with Wisp projectiles chasing makes any fight twice as tough, so you’ll want to hunt these things down quickly.


Despite not being very sturdy, and not packing that much of a punch, the wisps might very well be the most annoying thing created by man. Their quick, erratic movement make them very hard to hit, and adventurers without the appropriate skillset might find themselves cursing the creators of this little robot. If you don't have any ranged skills and your bow is out of arrows, try to corner it and then smash it's figurative face in.

Level 8
Health 300
Weakness None
Resistance None
Found in Flying Fortress

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Abilities Edit

Homing Projectiles