Zhamla Meer Edit

Zhamla is a person who once was the greatest collector in all of Grindea, but began killing people in search for a Human card drop.

Zhamla is mentioned multiple times in the computer diaries and log books of the Flying Fortress. Other than that next to nothing is known about this legendary/murderous/mysterious figure.

In-game References Edit

Phaseman Reference: Edit

Sentient Container

[pp]ALLEGIENCE: Farmahmera
[pp]ACTION: Immediate termination

Phaseman DownQuestIndicator Update2 [ Phaseman ],Opening dialogue before fight

There is an interesting comment in the Dialogue Translation Tool for this dialogue.

Comment: "Sentinent Container" as in "Living Bag", Fahrmamera is a person.
— Dialogue Translation Tool,[Flying Temple -> Phaseman01 -> Part 2]

Digital Diary References: Edit

We were approached by The Council today - they want our help in fighting Fahrmamera.

I am not surprised, but it makes me no less anxious. Aline agrees, the sweet girl.
She's worried about her family down below, and not for no reason...

Professor Pine,Date: 07.08.076
We started two experiments today.

One goes by the codename Phaseman, the other GUN-D4M.
Phaseman is our best bet, and the fastest to build.
Hopefully it will be enough, but Fahrmamera is not to be underestimated...

Professor Pine,Date: 12.08.076
He ruined another village today. Forty-five dead and Aline's sister was among them.

We must stop him, she tells me with tears in her eyes.
Neither of us can believe that man was once the greatest Collector of us all.

Professor Pine,Date: 10.09.076
The Phaseman experiment is progressing well.

The blueprints for GUN-D4M arrived as well, but the design worries me -
there is a limit to how much power a human should posses, and Fahrmamera is proof of that.

Professor Pine,Date: 23.08.076
The Phaseman proved a failure.

He is much weaker than we had anticipated, and Fahrmamera grows in strength with every living soul he consumes.
Several council members have already died... GUN-D4M is now our only hope.

Professor Pine,Date: 28.09.076
There hasn't been a word from the Council for such a long time.

Aline fears they're all dead. Perhaps it's just her and me, alone among the clouds.
The only ones alive.
It wouldn't be so bad. Except for Fahrmamera, lurking far below in the burning lands...

Professor Pine,Date: 03.11.076
GUN-D4M is completed, the only thing missing is a power source. That is what scares me, though.

A source that powerful would have to be a danger in itself.
Combining it with a highly advanced weapon... It gives me the chills.
Aline says it is what is needed to take Fahrmamera down. She is right - it has to be done.

Professor Pine,Date: 15.12.076

Trivia Edit

"Farma mera" is Swedish and essentialy means "Farm more".

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